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Planning for the future: sound, precise, robust.

There’s no doubt that wellness is still very much in vogue. And with good reason: people are becoming ever more health-aware and believe that visiting a sauna and spa facility to relax and unwind is very beneficial to their health. This leads to a constantly growing demand for suitable facilities with offerings which people can easily fit into their daily routine, but which also provide a satisfying sauna and spa experience that’s clearly different from their everyday work environment.

SAUNA & SPA CONSULTING is ready to meet this challenge every step of the way. We start by thoroughly analyzing existing approaches and ideas in order to identify possible risks and to be able to assess the prospects of success based on robust data. Then we develop a precise concept that exactly meets the requirements of a health-promoting as well as entertaining configuration of the facilities. In this way, you get a customized utilization concept and a realistic implementation plan for your ideas.

What we do to make this happen:

  • We prepare a thorough location analysis with regard to market competitors and a suitable target audience.
  • We identify and evaluate niches in the market and unique selling propositions.
  • We develop alternative solutions and operator models tailored to your location and budget.