45 years experience. Over 1000 planned premium saunas.

Your partner for sustainable economic consulting, analysis and planning.

45 years experience. Over 1000 planned premium saunas.

Your partner for economic consulting,

Our concepts for your sauna and spa facilities: attractive, high-quality, creative.

Once customers stay away, it’s almost too late. Unattractive, often outdated sauna and spa facilities are the reason for declining visitor numbers and thus responsible for your business’s downturn. The only way to reverse this trend and increase sales is often a makeover or complete realignment of your sauna and spa facilities. Otherwise you lose your customers to more attractive sauna and wellness facilities. People may even be willing to travel long distances to treat themselves to a truly satisfying day off full of relaxation and entertainment.

SAUNA & SPA CONSULTING designs your sauna and spa facility with the aim of achieving long-term customer loyalty.

This means covering the whole range from quiet sauna areas for relaxation seekers to large event and aufguss saunas for entertainment seekers. The sauna and spa facility is further enhanced by atmospheric indoor and outdoor areas that invite guests to relax … upscale gastronomy … tasteful rest zones … a variety of cooling options … well thought-out, functional floor layout for easy access to the entire facility … and sufficient parking.

What we can do for you

  • In our expert report, we identify the trends, market development and competitive environment relevant to the facility to be planned.
  • We develop a target-group strategy to determine the attractions, features and design of the planned sauna and wellness facility.
  • We prepare profitability calculations based on robust data.
  • We always consider several variants to identify the best solution for your budget.
  • We generate a list of specific action items to guide our work.
  • We visualize in advance possible realization models in order to optimize our decision-making processes.

Attracting and keeping customers with creative ideas.

Saunas are the most important part of the wellness area. That’s why our concepts brim with creative ideas for a wide variety of premium sauna systems. Whether it’s an aufguss sauna, event sauna, herbal sauna, or traditional Finnish sauna … a theme sauna or design sauna, such as a tree-house or theater sauna … whether it’s atmospheric lighting concepts, smart electronics, excellent sound systems, cooling areas, or rest zones … with expertise and flexibility, we are ready to design a wide range of finely tuned combinations according to your wishes.

Robust solutions with optimal return on investment.

Based on our many years of experience, we know that only realistic and robust concepts can ensure economic success when it comes to planning sauna and spa environments. That’s why our planning and development of successful sauna and spa facilities is always based on a sound assessment of trends, market development and target-group potential, with the goal of achieving sustainable profitability over the facility’s entire lifecycle.