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SAUNA & SPA CONSULTING plans and designs sauna and spa systems with uncompromising quality, because we care about the needs of your customers and thus their long-term loyalty to your business. The more we get into a project, analyze it, look at it from all angles, the more diverse becomes the flow of brilliant ideas that we generate and present to you in well thought-out, high-quality designs. The result will be technically and visually optimized, allowing you to experience the physical design of your project with all senses.

Find out here what we attach the greatest importance to when it comes to the premium quality of your sauna and spa facility:

1. Interesting theme worlds

With SAUNA & SPA CONSULTING, you can develop a unique theme world for your sauna and spa. Aufguss sauna, event sauna, herbal sauna, original Finnish sauna with large panorama window, steam bath, or infrared cabin … installation of a graduation house, a tree-house or theater sauna … the high-tech temple of a show and aufguss sauna with digitally-controllable LED lighting, club lights, sound system and fog machines for over a hundred people … the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity in planning. Complemented by a functional floor layout, we integrate your wishes and our planning into a harmonious concept of experience and economy. Such a collaboration translates into longer stays and thus higher sales per guest.


2. The authentic sauna climate

SAUNA & SPA CONSULTING cares not only about entertainment value and thematic variety. Because that’s all for nothing unless the individual structural components of the sauna and spa facility meet the highest quality standards.

One consequence of this is that we refuse to compromise when it comes to the sauna climate. The perception of heat in a sauna is significantly influenced by the relative humidity of the air. Neither a burning sensation on the skin due to excessive humidity nor irritation of the respiratory tract due to overly dry air are desirable. That’s why we take advantage of the hygroscopicity of natural, unblocked wood, which is a living material. The wood transports part of the oxygen through its cell structure into the interior of the sauna while naturally removing the stale air, sweat and humidity. The result is a noticeably mild sauna climate, which your guests will greatly appreciate in the long run.


3. Long-lasting finnish wood

All wood is not equal. Our commitment to premium quality demands that when we develop your facility, we plan only for saunas that are built professionally and solidly, using only the most suitable sauna woods.

Grown very slowly, low in resin, and crack-resistant due to its fine grain, such wood guarantees longevity, enormous density, energy efficiency and natural ventilation, while also being very low-maintenance and hygienic. This ensures the highest quality for your facility’s entire lifecycle.


4. The stove is the soul of a sauna

Optimal climate in the sauna room also depends on the right stove. Regardless of the type of heater we use — an electric stove or a cozy, wood-burning one — we make sure that it meets three requirements:

mild and comfortable radiant heat that spreads evenly throughout the room … highly heat-resistant natural rocks such as peridotite, which can absorb heat quickly and store it for a long period … and an air humidification system that produces humidity either via infusion and/or via a smart system that automatically controls the desired air humidity.



5. Modern and smart technology

Control used to mean: sauna on, sauna off. Today, SAUNA & SPA CONSULTING relies on multifunctional, smart control systems when planning comprehensive sauna and spa systems. Thanks to their intuitive user interface, these allow the sauna master to control the entire facility via smartphone or tablet.

Loaded with state-of-the-art technology, the smart control system ensures greater efficiency through optimum energy consumption, as well as safety in operation. With convenient control elements for all settings across the sauna and spa facility, each room can be individually configured for the entire day — even days in advance.

This allows you to keep an overview, plan ahead and conveniently control all processes at your facility in terms of operational safety, energy consumption, humidity, settings for special lighting and sound systems and much more.


6. The wonder of infrared heat

Heat often works wonders, because targeted heat treatment feels good, relaxes and relieves pain.

That’s why the consultants of SAUNA & SPA CONSULTING often include infrared technology when they develop projects. With the help of sophisticated sensors, the intensity of the radiation can be tailored to your guest’s body. Thus, it has a pleasant effect, ideal for relaxation and comforting warmth at the same time.



7. The ambience: a special and authentic experience for yor guests

At SAUNA & SPA CONSULTING, we know exactly what your sauna and spa guests like. That’s why our concepts aim to create an inviting, harmonious ambience with class. No matter what theme you choose for your sauna or spa facility, our main concern is always to make sure that your guests will experience something very special.

Show your guests emotional attention, acceptance and appreciation, for example by offering them an event and aufguss sauna. This type of sauna features hourly aufguss rituals that make the sauna visit unforgettable. As the sauna master dramatically pours water on hot rocks, your guests unwind and relax, pampered with fragrant scents, surrounded by atmospheric lighting and fantastic music from a powerful sound system. The guests become part of a perfectly staged aufguss event, a definite highlight among the various sauna options at your facility.

A varied program, put together by the sauna masters, displayed on a screen in the entrance area of the spa, a carefully designed, convenient floor layout, plenty of tranquil oases both indoors and outside, upscale gastronomy with friendly service for the culinary enjoyment … these are all factors that help build a clientele of loyal regulars, as opposed to casual visitors who will go somewhere else next time.