Redesign of 450 m² sauna landscape for the WELLNEUSS

Sauna bathing and recreation of the finest standards

Project data

  • Client Stadtwerke Neuss GmbH
    • Complex size 450 m²
      • Number of saunas 1
        • Characteristics Sauna complex with multiple attractions
          • Special features Fireplace with benches and footbath area, Finnish aufguss sauna, gentle bio sauna, steam room, renovated showers, ice fountain

Project details

Sauna & Spa Design redesigned and refurbished an area of 450 square meters in the WELLNEUSS sauna and spa complex. The Stadtwerke Neuss-owned sauna landscape is thus enriched by many new attractions.
The heart of the new sauna area is a large fireplace, creating a cosy atmosphere that can be enjoyed sitting on comfortable benches with a footbath area. We enhanced the interior with new tiles, a new layout and a modern design.

Sauna bathers now have the opportunity to sweat in a Finnish aufguss sauna, a gentle bio sauna or a steam room. Refurbished showers and the new ice fountain serve for cooling. The complete design was carried out by the interior architects and specialist planners. Sauna & Spa Design took the project from beginning to turnkey handover.